A light bulb is a device consisting of a lamp or socket that produces light when an electric current is passed through it.  A filament that is surrounded by inert gases is put within the lamp and it lights when electric currents are passed through them.  They are mostly inserted on the ceilings so as to ensure distribution of light and heat all through the house.  This also prevents them from breaking easily as people do not come into contact with them often.


They are a must have for lighting of homes.  They eradicate darkness making the house to look bright.  It also prevents people from running into objects and each other when walking around the house  at night  It also chases away pests as pests thrive in dark places.


They are safe compared to other forms of lighting such as use of candles or paraffin driven lamps for lighting.  People can leave the gu10 led 50w bulbs lighting in their houses without having to worry about them causing accidents.


Light bulbs are also used in street lighting.  This reduces crime rates at night as people are able to comprehend any danger ahead of them.  Police and watchmen can therefore arrest criminals before they commit crime.  This gives people confidence on their security as well as making them confident when carrying out various activities at night.  This has boosted businesses being carried out as owners can work till late.


People can as well use philips led gu10 light bulbs as a way of advertising.  Some light bulbs are designed in such a way that they produce light of different colors when electric currents are passed through them.  People will be attracted to such types of adverts.  It is therefore a marketing strategy that has proven to be effective for various organizations.  It therefore gives them a competitive edge against their competitors.


Light bulbs are also used in airports.  They are lined in such a way that they direct planes on which path to follow.  This helps in ensuring that aeroplanes follow their required courses preventing collisions.  Management of airports is thus made simpler at night.


Light bulbs do not produce smoke when used for lighting unlike paraffin.  People will not suffocate or have watery eyes due to smoke.  They do not need to carry out regular maintenance practices once they have put up these bulbs.  They only require to be changed when they blow out.  It therefore ensures that houses are lit without having to give extra money.



These light bulbs have therefore brought about very many advantages to people.  Economic development has also been achieved.  All people who are interested in saving their money and get to enjoy the benefits of these light bulbs should purchase and use them.  This is a good option that people should take up.